Stones of Rememberance

The waters were surging rapidly. The men who carried the Ark of the Covenant stepped forward, placing their feet into the raging waters. All at once the waters parted to each side, standing high to reveal dry land. The priests carried the Ark across, as the rest of the Israelites crossed, too. Once across, Joshua commanded the men to place 12 stones upon the place where they would lodge so that “when your children ask later, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ then you shall say to them, ‘Because the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord; when it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off.’ So these stones shall become a memorial to the sons of Israel forever.”
I have had the opportunity to share with groups of people about the journey God has brought me on in SMM. Ten years ago God began calling me to this ministry, and it has been a process of following His guidance ever since. As I had the chance to recount His work in my life and this ministry, it was as if I was placing my own stones of remembrance. Talking about the ways that God has worked in my life and ministry is a reminder that this ministry is His.


I encourage you to take some time to recount, either out loud or in writing, all that God has done in your life and your ministry. 


Taking time to remember all God has done is no small thing. 

The Holi-daze!!!!

The holidays seem to go faster and faster each year. I’m not sure if this is because holiday decorations begin selling in stores directly after Halloween or simply because as we get older, life seems to move more rapidly. Whatever the reason, I find myself praying to see God in the midst of the pace of this season. It is wonderful to see family and visit with them. It is great to celebrate the wonderful time of year but sometimes when it finally slows down and I’m sitting quietly alone, I wonder, “God, is this really how you want me to celebrate this season?”

Now maybe you are not like at all me and you have no trouble slowing down and being thankful and thinking of Christ’s birth in the midst of the busyness, and if you are I congratulate you! Well done! If not take some time, sit in stillness, rest in His peace. 

Daughters of the King

We had the great privilege this week to host a dinner event during CE National’s Momentum week! We had over 100 girls and women attend this event on Thursday evening July 18th. We had a wonderful time celebrating 100 years of God’s ministering to the hearts of girl’s through the SMM ministry. Indiana Wesleyan’s staff was fantastic and helped us tie together all the details for our event! The Cake Lady of North Webster Indiana provided a beautiful Cake! Marie Owen of Marion provided a fantastic give-away for 10 lucky women and girls as well as a foot spa night for the ladies who worked hard to make this event possible! Anita Baughman, Rachel Zachardy, Viki Rife, Chery Boehm and Vonetta Carter each were part of our steering committee leading up to this event! God opened many doors for us leading up to this event. Many women and girls were able to hear God’s truth about being His Daughters and we were able to celebrate 100 years of SMM ministry with them!! God is good and it is great to be His daughter! Thank you to all those who give financially and prayerfully to this ministry!

Mission Field: The hearts of teenage girls

I was recently sharing with someone about how sometimes people don’t get the mission of Girls of Faith. It is a difficult concept to grasp if you have never had a daughter, been a teenage girl or watched someone go through the difficulty of the adolescent transition in the life of a girl. However, as I was sharing my passion with this person I said: ministering to girls is like walking into a different culture.Teenage girls have a certain way they talk and interact. They have their own language and set of cultural rules. Ministering to girls is sometimes as foreign as ministering to a different people group and it is an equally important mission field. It is during the teenage years that girls have a great chance to be lead astray. It is during the teenage years that there is room to speak truth into their hearts. Please join with me in prayer as I continue to cast the vision of ministering to the hearts of girls!


Recently I’ve been running quite a bit. One of the fantastic things about running is the chance to think, pray and listen to encouraging music or lectures. As I was thinking the other day I was reminded of why this ministry is so important. When I become to focused on the tasks of this ministry, I begin to think “does this ministry really matter? Is it in fact important for girls to be ministered to in a specific way?” And then I remember specific girls in my life….specific hurts and pains they endured, messages that they believed about themselves, habits that they were stuck in and I remember that it is indeed important to minister to their hearts.

If we believe that we are part of God’s kingdom and we are instructed to do kingdom work on this earth then we must. How is Girl’s Ministry part of this kingdom work? Let me tell you! The world has distorted what it means to be a female to the point that figuring out our place is complicated. Girls’ Ministry helps girls identify their place in God’s kingdom as His daughters. A girl can never be told too many times that she is a valued princess and daughter of the most high King. Ministering to the hearts of girls is vastly important!

Please join with me in praying for this ministry and the hearts of girls!

Prayer, Prayer and More Prayer!

As I write to you today I am overwhelmed with the desire to express  the need for prayer for the SMM/Girl’s of Faith Ministry. As we move ahead there are many details that are in God’s hands, pieces of the puzzle that I don’t know yet but that I know God is calling me to. The one thing I know for sure is that we desperately need prayer. As we prepare for “Daughters of the King: Ambassadors for Life”, our event for girls at Momentum Youth Conference this summer, I can’t help but feel that this is a pivotal event for us. We are not only celebrating God’s faithful work in the lives and hearts of girls over the 100 years but we are casting a vision for our future!

I took some time this week to check out Dove’s Real Beauty campaign and Disney’s “I’m a Princess” campaign. I couldn’t help but notice how much they get the need to connect adult women with girls and the need to empower girls. They however are missing an integral part of the self-esteem message, that we are all daughters of the most high King and that our value and worth comes from Him. As I think about our upcoming event I dream that people would connect with our message and mission in the same way that people have been able to latch onto Dove’s real beauty campaign!

I would ask that you begin right now to bathe this event in prayer. It is only through God’s grace and glorious work that this event will be a success.  I can’t help but feel that this event will set the stage for our next 100 years of ministry, that the perception of this ministry and the event will set the tone for the future our future. Please join with me as we begin to bathe this event in prayer. Please pray boldly that God would move and that this event sets a grand stage for our ministry ahead!

Thank you for your faithful Prayers!!